The XKSS by Lynx offered is a Jaguar 1969 (XKE) converted to full XKSS specification completed and registered on historic papers to Lynx Motors (International) Ltd in Germany, including all TUV paperwork in February 2015. Finished in Jaguar Gloss Black with Jaguar Red leather interior.



The XKSS monocoque, the front and the tail section are hand-made in aluminum and based on original specifications and designs. An uprated S1 E-type front sub frame is modified to suit the XKSS monocoque and uses all mechanical components of the E-type.
The rear part of the monocoque is also modified to use the rear axle of a S1 E-type.
Original specification XKSS hood, bumpers and luggage rack are fitted.
The windscreen frame is in polished 16 swg aluminium as original XKSS and takes an original specification XKSS screen in laminated safety glass from Lynx tooling.

Gearbox, Engine & Transmission

The LYNX- XKSS can be fitted with all six-cylinder Jaguar engines – 3.4L, 3.8L or 4.2L. Every engine is hand-built to LYNX specifications. We can supply wet and dry sump engines. All engines are equipped with 3x 45DCOE Weber carburetors.
In standard form with a 4,2l-engine, the maximum power output is 270 BHP DIN at 4500 rpm (with a maximum torque of 410 Nm at 4000 rpm.
This gives acceleration from 0-60 mph in 5,2 seconds.
The XKSS can be supplied with a Jaguar full synchro 4-speed gearbox or a modern Broadsport-5-speed box for more comfortable gear shifting and better ratios.
The E-type rear axle is fitted with a limited slip differential.The rear axle ratios 2,88-3,07-3,31:1 can be fitted to the customers choice.


Every LYNX-XKSS is meticulously hand built to the highest standard by experienced LYNX craftsmen.
After completion and running in for 300 miles all cars are dyno-tested. Then they are tested by the German TÜV and supplied with German historic paperwork in the name of LYNX.